At the Blessing Diabetes Center, we partner with diabetes patients to provide comprehensive foot care education and treatment. Together, we can treat or even prevent complications such as foot ulcers.

Diabetes Foot Care: What You Should Know About Diabetic Foot Ulcers

When you have diabetes, any open sore or wound on the foot can cause problems. Here’s what you should know about diabetic foot ulcers:

  • They are common: If you have diabetes, you are at risk for developing foot ulcers. Roughly 15 percent of people with diabetes have had at least one foot ulcer. They are most often found on the bottoms of feet.

  • Common causes: Diabetic foot ulcers can be caused by several factors, including:

    • Numbness

    • Poor circulation

    • Pressure or irritation

  • Cause for concern: If you have a foot ulcer, prompt treatment is essential. If left untreated, foot ulcers can lead to infection. In severe cases, foot amputation may be necessary. However, you can almost always avoid amputation if you seek treatment early enough.

  • When to reach out: If you have diabetes, and you notice an open wound on your foot, see a wound care specialist for an expert evaluation. Learn more about Blessing’s Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Center.

Our Diabetes Care: Experience the Blessing Difference

At the Blessing Diabetes Center, our specialists offer comprehensive diabetes care that treats all aspects of diabetes management, including foot care:

  • Regular foot care clinics: Blessing podiatrists hold regular podiatry clinics here, where they evaluate patients’ feet for:

    • Sensation loss, which puts patients at higher risk for unknowingly developing wounds

    • Nail health, safely trimming patients’ nails to prevent wounds

    • Any other red flags, such as swelling or redness, that might warrant a more watchful eye

  • Practical education: As a key member of the diabetes education team, our podiatrists make sure you have the practical know-how to take care of your feet and know what symptoms need to be evaluated. That means fewer foot care appointments for you but more complete care overall. Learn more about our podiatry care.

  • Focus on prevention: Patient education is a core tenet of our approach to care. Our goal is to help you effectively manage diabetes and avoid all possible complications. Our partnership with patients ensures the best chance at preventing foot ulcers and other diabetes complications.

  • Wound care expertise: Sometimes, diabetic foot ulcers are found in later stages. Our podiatrists use their specialized knowledge of lower extremity wounds to develop a treatment plan that keeps the body moving during treatment for a successful recovery.

All-in-One Diabetes Care

In addition to podiatrists, the Blessing Diabetes Center staff includes a range of specialists who are ready to answer your questions about diabetes management, including:

  • Dietitians, who can offer meal choices that fit within your tastes and lifestyle

  • Nurses, who assess your challenges and help you overcome them

  • Diabetes educators, who lead classes offering practical advice for living well with diabetes

  • Pharmacists, who help you manage the treatment of multiple health conditions

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or refer a patient to the Blessing Diabetes Center, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 5900. For an appointment with Blessing’s Wound Care and Hyperbaric Center, please call (217) 228-5535.