What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

During hyperbaric oxygen therapy you lie inside a chamber, which is an acrylic tube with a bed. We increase the atmospheric pressure and pump 100 percent pure oxygen into the chamber. This delivers extra oxygen to your blood, and helps push blood to the wound, which encourages faster healing.

People typically spend 90 minutes or more in the chamber for several days in a row. You can see out of the chamber on all sides. We will visually monitor you to make sure that you are comfortable. Although you cannot take anything into the chamber with you, you can watch television, listen to music or enjoy the light therapy we project on the ceiling. You can speak to us via a telephone line at any time.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is part of Blessing’s comprehensive wound healing program. We are one of the only hospitals in the area to provide this therapy, offering:

  • Expert care: Blessing is known in the region for our wound care program because our practitioners are highly trained with advanced certifications. We have a certified hyperbaric technician and a certified hyperbaric nurse. We also have 4 certified wound care nurses and 2 doctors who are board-certified in wound care.

  • Monoplace chambers: We are the only program in the region to offer monoplace chambers. A monoplace chamber is a private hyperbaric chamber that holds only one patient. Other hospitals have multiplace chambers that hold multiple people at the same time. A monoplace chamber is more comfortable, because you do not have to wear a mask or hood to receive oxygen, or share the space with others.

  • Access to other specialists: Healing a chronic wound may be a multistep process. In addition to oxygen therapy you may need to see other specialists, including vascular surgeons or plastic surgeons. We connect you with these practitioners. We also work closely with your primary care doctor so that everyone stays informed about your care plan and progress.

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To schedule an appointment with a Blessing wound care specialist or refer a patient, please call (217) 228-5535.