Pulmonary Rehab: What You Should Know

The Pulmonary Health & Rehabilitation program helps patients manage many respiratory conditions and improve their quality of life.

  • What it is: The program combines exercises with education to help patients improve their lung function and breathe more easily. Each patient’s program is entirely individualized so it optimizes the chances for symptom improvement. Patients are encouraged to attend the program for:

    • 6 to 10 weeks total
    • 3 times each week
    • Each class lasts 1 hour
  • Who benefits: This program can benefit people with shortness of breath and fatigue caused by asthma or COPD. Learn more about asthma and COPD.

  • Points to note:

    • Participation in this program is often covered by medical insurance.

    • Patients must be nonsmokers or commit to a smoking cessation program in order to participate.

Pulmonary Rehab: Your Care Team

The pulmonary rehab care team evaluates and follows each patient’s progress. Your care team includes a:

  • Pulmonologist (a doctor who specializes in lung disease)

  • Nurse

  • Respiratory therapist

  • Dietitian

Pulmonary Rehab: What to Expect

At your first session, the pulmonary care team will perform a thorough assessment that includes a range of tests to accurately tailor the treatment to your needs. This session generally takes 1 to 2 hours and includes a:

  • Pulmonary function test: A respiratory therapist uses this test to measure the volume and flow of air in your lungs. We may ask you to take an additional exercise stress test.

  • 6-minute walk: You will be asked to walk for 6 minutes in the hallway, not on a treadmill. A team member will be with you at all times. This test gives us a baseline lung function measurement to measure progress during the program.

  • Nursing assessment: A pulmonary rehab nurse will perform a general assessment of your health, which includes:

    • Taking your medical history
    • Listening to your lungs and heart
    • Taking your blood pressure

Experience the Blessing Difference: Our Pulmonary Care

Patients choose Blessing for pulmonary care because of our:

  • Convenient care: To address your symptoms as quickly as possible, we focus on multiple aspects of your care in a single visit, wherever possible. Often, we can diagnose a problem and start treatment in the same day.

  • Individualized treatment plants: There’s no one treatment that works for everyone who has respiratory symptoms related to asthma and COPD. We consider multiple factors before developing a treatment plan that will work best for you.

  • Responsive follow-up: If your symptoms get worse or you have questions about using a new treatment, please call us. Our nurses go the extra mile to make sure patients get the highest level of care and attention. Learn more about our pulmonology care.

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