What is Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR)?

Dynamic Digital Radiography is a new technology that allows doctors to see your bones or lungs in motion by using an X-ray machine. DDR captures a series of X-rays that are played back like a short movie to help doctors understand and diagnose patients like you. This new technology lets doctors see things that they have never seen before and would not see with a normal X-ray. DDR is X-ray that moves!

What Should I Expect During DDR?

  • It’s quick and only takes a few minutes.
  • It’s painless, just like a normal X-ray.
  • It’s safe, your exposure to radiation is less than a sunny day at the beach.

Why Should DDR Be Used for Me?

DDR is the only X-ray technology that shows the body in motion.

  • Doctors use DDR as a tool to see how your body moves, and with that information they are able better diagnose you and determine how best to treat you.
  • DDR helps orthopedic specialists provide faster and more detailed diagnoses improve the quality of care.
  • DDR is also used with pulmonologists and neurosurgeons to help diagnose and treat patients with certain conditions.
  • DDR images, like normal X-ray, is often taken in a natural standing position.  The machine is open and not enclosed like some other types of imaging machines.

Contact Us

DDR technology is available at our Blessing Health Center 4800 diagnostic facility. If you are a referring provider please click here to learn more. For more information please call us at (217) 214-5855.