Your employees are the backbone of your business. When they are healthy, everyone is happier—and you can more easily manage your healthcare costs. Workplace wellness programs can get you there.

Workplace Wellness: What You Should Know

Workplace wellness programs aim to make employees healthier so that employers can better manage unpredictable healthcare costs. At Blessing, we address a full range of your employees’ healthcare needs, including:

  • National recognition: Blessing Health System was recognized in 2021 with a Well Workplace bronze award by the Wellness Council of America (WELCOA). Blessing was the only employer in Illinois to receive this honor. Read more about the award recognition.

  • Preventive health: Through our Employer Clinic, we make it easy for employees to get—or stay—healthy, at one location with convenient hours. Learn more about our workplace wellness program Be Well at Work.

  • Wellness: Biometric testing, such as cholesterol or blood pressure screening, identifies your employees’ biggest health challenges or chronic disease risks. Our customized health coaching gives employees the tools to tackle them.

  • Occupational health: Pre-employment physicals and drug and alcohol testing can help you effectively manage occupational health risks.

Workplace Wellness Benefits

Wellness programs have soared in popularity in recent years. That is because they can offer a wealth of benefits to employers and employees.

When employers participate in workplace wellness, they can:

  • Better manage, or lower, their healthcare expenses

  • Reduce worker injuries and associated costs

  • Increase employees’ productivity

  • Reduce employee absenteeism

Health and Wellness Services We Offer

We offer a full range of health and wellness services and workplace wellness packages to meet the needs of your business. That includes:

  • Custom health and wellness packages: Our Be Well at Work program is an all-in-one service that addresses preventive health, wellness and occupational health. With access to our Employer Clinic, employees can easily manage their preventive and urgent health needs. From there, we will determine which wellness and occupational health solutions will benefit you and your employees the most. Learn more about our health and wellness services.

  • A-la-carte health and wellness offerings: From personal training sessions at Blessing Wellness Center to biometric health screenings that offer insight into chronic disease risk, we help you identify your biggest employee health obstacles—then let you choose which services will effectively address them.

  • Health fairs: Flu shots, health screenings and tobacco testing: Our health experts travel to you to provide a range of preventive health services at your location, when it is easiest for you.

  • Healthcare consulting services: In addition to our broad network of skilled health providers, we also consult with experts in health insurance policy. We can answer all your questions while helping employees navigate where and when to get care, so they pay less out of pocket.

Contact Us

To learn more about services available through Blessing’s Employer Health Solutions, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 7207.