Be Well at Work: A Workplace Wellness Program on Your Terms

When people invest in their own health, they can be more productive employees. Our Be Well at Work program makes a healthy lifestyle the easy choice for your workers. Here are the basics:

  • Employee health services for your custom needs: For an affordable per-employee monthly cost, Blessing’s Be Well at Work program offers employees a full range of health and wellness services addressing:

    • Primary and preventive health

    • Wellness

    • Occupational health

  • Quick access to care at Blessing: Through Be Well at Work, your employees have regular access to our Employer Clinics throughout the region, our friendly and knowledgeable providers meet your employees’ preventive and urgent healthcare needs, through scheduled or walk-in appointments. This includes:

    • Illness, aches and pains

    • Minor sprains and strains

    • Physicals

    • Chronic disease management

    • Vaccinations

    • Select diagnostic imaging tests

    • Pharmacy services

  • Convenient care at your location: Blessing also brings its healthcare expertise directly to your corporate location. The Be Well at Work program offers many services on-site, including:

    • Annual biometric screenings: These screenings provide information on employees’ potential risk for chronic health issues. Biometric screening options assess height and weight, blood pressure and more.

    • Health risk assessments: We prepare a personalized health report for employees that identifies health risk factors and offers guidance on how employees can take action to reduce risks.

    • Employee health portal: Employees can access their confidential screening results through a web-based platform that also offers exercise and nutrition trackers and wellness education.

    • Occupational health services: We can perform various occupational health services at your location, including random drug testing and routine physicals.

    • An on-location health clinic: We have the resources and capabilities to build and manage a health clinic at a company’s location, if desired.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Our Employer Health Solutions

When you partner with Blessing for your employer health solutions, you benefit from our:

  • Broad network of providers: Our employer partners receive access to Blessing’s skilled physicians and healthcare specialists.

  • Easily customizable health and wellness solutions: Employers can customize our Be Well at Work program to meet their specific needs. Whether that’s adding personal training services for more active employees or tackling smoking cessation, we help identify your biggest health challenges and make a plan to conquer them. Learn more about our health and wellness services.

  • Opportunity for growth: When you choose a large health system such as Blessing for your wellness partner, your employees benefit from our unmatched healthcare and preventive care services. That wealth of expertise and resources allows us to regularly pursue new ways—and wellness solutions—to keep our community healthy. Learn more about workplace wellness benefits.

  • Expanded hours: As a large health system, we offer consistent and expanded hours so employees can manage their health in a way that suits their lifestyle and schedule.

Contact Us

To learn more about services available through Blessing’s Employer Health Solutions, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 7207 or 573.231.3890.