Health and Wellness Services We Offer

We customize each service package to an employer’s specific circumstances and challenges. Our health and wellness services include:

  • Custom health and wellness packages: Our all-in-one Be Well at Work program includes preventive health, wellness and occupational health services. The backbone of this program is our Employer Clinic, which offers employees a simple way to manage their preventive and urgent health needs. From there, you can choose which of our comprehensive wellness and occupational health solutions best addresses your needs. Learn more about Be Well at Work.

  • A-la-carte health and wellness offerings: A-la-carte means you choose which health and wellness services will address your biggest employee health obstacles. We offer:

    • Biometric health screenings, such as height and weight tracking and cholesterol testing, which provide information on risk for potential chronic disease

    • Individualized health coaching

    • Personal training sessions

    • Wellness education

  • Health fairs: Our health experts can provide a range of preventive health services at your location, at a time that works for you. We offer on-site:

    • Flu shots

    • Biometric screenings, such as blood pressure and cholesterol testing

    • Tobacco testing

Experience the Blessing Difference: Our Employer Health Solutions

Employers who partner with Blessing benefit in many ways. Our employer health solutions offer:

  • A broad network of providers: As a large health organization, employers who partner with us have access to Blessing’s expert physicians and healthcare professionals in a convenient location on the Blessing campus.

  • Opportunity for growth: When you choose a large health system such as Blessing as your wellness partner, your employees benefit from our unmatched healthcare and preventive care services. That wealth of expertise and resources allows us to regularly pursue new ways—and wellness solutions—to keep our community healthy. Learn more about workplace wellness benefits.

  • Convenient hours: As a large health system, we offer consistent and expanded hours, which makes it easier for employees to fit beneficial preventive care into their busy lives.

  • Easy access to lab work: Through a partnership with our Diagnostic Center, employers can offer their workers access to an array of diagnostic services, conveniently housed at one location.

Contact Us

To learn more about services available through Blessing’s Employer Health Solutions, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 7207.