Our experienced mental health professionals provide inpatient treatment for adults coping with emotional, behavioral and mental health. We are committed to serving this region and take a comprehensive approach to treatment. In fact, Blessing is the only provider of adult and child inpatient behavioral health services in Illinois between Quincy, Peoria and Springfield.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Adult Inpatient

Blessing coordinates with area healthcare providers and families who make referrals for adult inpatient care. Should you be admitted, we will work with you to provide assessments, stabilization and creation of treatment plans to help you through whatever situation you are dealing with.

When you come to us for behavioral health care, you have access to:

Two levels of care for adults: Adults come to the Behavioral Center with a variety of mental health challenges and some are more acute than others. The average length of stay in the adult unit is 5 to 7 days and we admit adults to one of our two units:

  • Adult Psychiatric Services (APS) – This is a 16 bed, secure, inpatient behavioral health unit. We treat adults with chronic mental illness who may be in crisis and need stabilization and treatment.
  • Behavioral Medicine Services (BMS) – In this 10 bed unit we treat adults for depression, anxiety, grief and other psychological issues with which they are struggling to cope.

State of the Art Facilities: Both adult units are located in Blessing Hospital Moorman Pavilion, completed in 2015. Both units are secure and safety is a priority. The units offer many amenities including:

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Private bathrooms
  • Multiple activity rooms
  • Group rooms
  • Comfort Room (special room designed to help you relax)
  • Outdoor recreation space (BMS only)
  • Meals, snacks and comprehensive, therapeutic and engaging activities and groups

Compassionate, caring team: Our 3 psychiatrists, 7 full-time therapists, psychiatric nurses, and behavioral health tech’s are ready to help you 24/7. Our team facilitates groups, depending on the services you need, focusing on grief and loss, depression, anxiety, coping with mental illness, substance abuse/alcohol abuse recovery, understanding your medications and side effects and learning more effective coping skills to help manage both stress and your mental illness. We also provide groups with focuses on art and music expression as well as pet therapy.

Discharge planning: Our multi-disciplinary team is actively involved in coordinating your discharge. We want to make sure you are connected to the resources you need for success and you have the support and follow up care you need. Our discharge planners help you make all those connections as they work collaboratively with your treatment team to ensure you have the resources needed to transition from the hospital back into the community.

Visiting Adults in the Inpatient Units

The Inpatient Behavioral Health Units are located at Moorman Pavilion, at Broadway and 11th Streets.

Our visiting hours are daily, including holidays from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

For safety reasons, visitors must follow these guidelines:

  • Only 1 visitor will be allowed at a time for each patient in the adult units.
  • Visitors must be at least 18 years old.
  • All visitors must leave their cell phones, keys, purse and all other personal belongings either in their vehicle or in the secure lockers just outside our units.
  • All visitors will be screened with a metal detector (just like the airport) in order to provide safety within our inpatient units.
  • Our team is required to complete ongoing safety checks 24/7 so your visit will be interrupted by one of our team members who is required to check in with every patient several times each hour. We want to respect your privacy, but must also adhere to safety requirements established by our accrediting bodies.
  • Your visit will occur either in the patient’s room or one of our activity rooms or day room.
  • All visitors are expected to follow the rules of the hospital and inpatient behavioral health unit in order to ensure the safety of everyone present.
  • Please do not bring any snacks, drinks or any other items unless it is approved in advance by the treatment team. Please reach out to the assigned therapist in order to make this request.

Contact Us

For more information or to refer a patient to the Behavioral Center, contact Admissions 24 hours a day at (217) 223-1200, ext.4600. For outpatient services call (800) 222-9913 in Illinois and (800) 222-9914 in Missouri and Iowa.