We are proud to serve this region, offering the only inpatient behavioral care center in Illinois between Quincy, Peoria and Springfield. In addition, Blessing provides the only child and adolescent inpatient care facility within 100 miles of Quincy in Illinois, Missouri and Iowa.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Behavioral Center Admissions

Doctors and other health professionals who refer to Blessing count on us for:

  • 24-hour admissions: You can see a member of our on-call clinical staff 24/7, because a crisis can happen at any time, day or night.

  • Experienced psychiatrists and clinicians: With 7 psychiatrists at Blessing, you have access to the largest concentration of psychiatrists in the region. Learn more about our psychiatric staff.

  • Full range of psychiatric services: We treat people age 5 and up, providing everything from medication management to several types of individual and group therapy.

  • Involvement of family in treatment: Patients benefit greatly from having loved ones involved in their care. We work carefully and closely with families, as well as primary care providers and schools. People traveling to Quincy to visit family members receiving treatment in the inpatient units are welcome to stay at the Quincy Hospitality House.

  • Acceptance of patients regardless of ability to pay: Money should not be a factor when a child or adult is in crisis. We care for patients regardless of their ability to pay.

The Admissions Process at Blessing Behavior Center

When you refer a patient to Admissions, our Behavioral Center staff immediately goes to work to formulate a care plan. Our Inpatient Central Intake staff and outpatient nurses assist in the admission process by:

  • Determining the level of care needed

  • Contacting a psychiatrist for admission orders

  • Securing medical clearance from an emergency room doctor or primary care provider

  • Verifying insurance benefits

  • Precertifying the admission with Medicare, Medicaid, provided insurance or other payers


Blessing offers inpatient and outpatient behavioral health services:

  • Inpatient units:

    • Moorman Pavilion, Broadway at 11th Street, Quincy (Adult and Child)

    • Worthington Square geriatric unit at Illini Community Hospital, 640 West Washington Street, Pittsfield

  • Outpatient services: Blessing Health Center, West Entrance, Suite 331, 927 Broadway, Quincy

Contact Us

For more information or to refer a patient to the Behavioral Center, contact Admissions 24 hours a day at (217) 223-1200, (ask for behavior center). For outpatient services call (800) 222-9913 in Illinois and (800) 222-9914 in Missouri and Iowa.