Neuropsychology is the study of brain function and behavior in children and adolescents. Brain functioning has a direct impact on the behavioral, cognitive and psychosocial adjustment. Led by board-certified Neuropsychologist Chad Noggle, our team works to provide positive outcomes.

Experience The Blessing Difference: Neuropsychology

A neuropsychological evaluation may help if your child has:

  • A neurological disorder.
  • A brain injury from trauma to the head, stroke, lack of oxygen or an infection.
  • Medical problems such as prematurity, diabetes, chronic heart or breathing problems, genetic disorders or treatment for childhood cancer.
  • Been exposed to lead, street drugs or inhalants.
  • Been exposed to alcohol, smoking or drugs prior to birth.
  • A developmental or school problem
  • Sensory disorders

Neuropsychological evaluations include tests that measure:

  • Intelligence
  • Problem solving
  • Planning and organization
  • Attention and memory
  • Processing speed
  • Language
  • Academic skills
  • Visual perception
  • Control over hand movements
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Social skills

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment with Neuropsychology please call 217-223-8400 ext 4594.

For more information or to refer a patient to the Blessing Behavioral Center, contact Admissions 24 hours a day at (217) 223-1200, (ask for Behavioral Center). For Blessing outpatient services call (800) 222-9913 in Illinois and (800) 222-9914 in Missouri and Iowa.