GERD and Foregut care is more than just treatment for heartburn and reflux. Untreated, it is the cause of esophageal cancer, and can greatly impact your quality of life. The Blessing Bariatric Institute treats these conditions, including surgical options.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Heartburn and Reflux Center

Patients choose Blessing for heartburn and reflux care because of our:

  • Care that focuses on you: Our compassionate care team will walk you through all available treatment options. We take the time to hear your concerns and answer all your questions.
  • Broad scope of care: We offer expert care for common health conditions such as heartburn and reflux, in patients of all ages. We also treat Achalasia, esophageal spasms, including performing specialized surgeries such as foregut and GERD procedures. No matter what brings you to our center, you receive a high level of care and expertise.  
  • Bariatric expertise: Our Reflux Center, part of the Bariatric Institute, is the only center in a 90-mile radius of Quincy that offers this type of treatment. Our providers in this specialty are fellowship-trained in the most up-to-date procedures and modern technology to provide efficient, safe, treatment. 

Esophageal Conditions We Treat

Our specialists can effectively treat a range of conditions that affect the ears, nose and throat. These include:

  • Heartburn
  • Reflux
  • Achalasia
  • Esophageal Spasm

Heartburn and Reflux Treatments & Diagnosis

Depending on your symptoms, you may undergo one or more diagnostic tests as our specialists work to identify the cause. Common tests we perform include:

  • Nissen Fundoplication
  • Esophageal manometry
  • pH testing
  • Radiological support for swallow studies
  • Interventional Endoscopy and Endoscopic Approaches

Contact Us

To schedule an appointment or refer a patient, please call (217) 214-5800.