Benefits of a Hybrid Operating Room: The Blessing Difference

At Blessing, we invest in the latest technologies to bring you the best care in west-central Illinois. For patients, the benefits of a hybrid operating room include:

  • Diagnosis and treatment in one convenient step: The advanced imaging built into our hybrid operating room enables your doctors to diagnose a condition and immediately operate to treat it. Our collaborative process provides safe, accurate diagnosis and treatment with fewer visits for you.

  • Recruitment of top surgeons and staff: Our commitment to investing in the latest technologies attracts expert surgeons and surgical staff to Blessing. We understand that the latest technologies in the hands of the top people mean better care for our community.

What Is a Hybrid Operating Room?

Our hybrid operating room brings imaging equipment into the operating room to provide flexibility for a variety of surgical options. Features of the hybrid OR include:

  • 3-D imaging: Our Artis Zeego, made by Siemens, provides real-time, 3-D images in great detail. The imaging allows us to see problems at the microscopic level, such as blockages or tears in tiny blood vessels. Our surgeons use this imaging to guide miniature tools to the surgical site for precise surgery. This means a less invasive procedure and a shorter recovery time for you.

  • Flexibility and maneuverability: The Artis Zeego provides an advanced X-ray system on a robotic arm that we can position anywhere around you. This flexibility means we can take diagnostic images to guide the surgery without having to move you. Learn more about vascular surgery.

  • Minimally invasive setup: Our skilled surgeons and their teams use advanced equipment to perform minimally invasive procedures through tiny incisions. Minimally invasive techniques can reduce blood loss, damage to nearby tissue and recovery time.

  • Open surgery capability: The hybrid operating room houses all the equipment for minimally invasive procedures and open surgeries. In some situations, such as complex traumas, our surgeons and other specialists may need to perform both types of surgeries. The hybrid operating room provides the tools and space for many specialists to work together during the same procedure.

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