Experience The Blessing Difference: Pre-Surgical Anesthesia Clinic (PAC)

Blessing has joined a nationwide effort to improve patient safety by enhancing the continuity of care and communication throughout the patient’s surgical experience. The Pre-surgical Anesthesia Clinic (PAC) for Blessing Hospital and Blessing Surgery Center will benefit surgical patients with health conditions that may negatively impact the outcome, recovery or contribute to a last-minute cancellation of their procedure.

Why Do I Need A PAC Appointment?

Patients may be scheduled for a visit with Blessing’s Pre-Surgical Anesthesia Clinic to ensure all the necessary tests and clearances are received before their procedure, especially those with health conditions that may impact their recovery.

When Will My PAC Appointment Be?

Patients whose doctor determines should be seen at the PAC will have their appointment scheduled 2-3 weeks before their procedure.

What Happens At My PAC Appointment?

During your appointment, the PAC staff will:

  • Confirm Anesthesia Clearance
  • Review Information with You
  • Day of Procedure Specifics
  • Procedure Specifics
  • Smoking Cessation (if applicable)
  • Skin Integrity
  • Diet
  • Tight Glycemic Control Protocol
  • Self Care
  • Infection Prevention
  • Anesthesia Consent
  • Orders Any Clearances Needed (cardiac, pulmonary, etc.)
  • Complete Labs & Imaging Needed
  • Assess & Measure Vitals

The PAC Nurse Practitioner collaborates with an anesthesiologist and a registered nurse. Together, they assess the patient, review tests and clearances and provide the patient with the education needed to improve the patient’s overall surgical experience. The nurse practitioner will review all test results with your doctor, ensuring everything is approved and ready for your procedure and make additional referrals based on medical needs.

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