The Stroke Program at Blessing Inpatient Rehabilitation provides special care for patients who have undergone a neurological event and are in need of opportunities to improve physicial and/or cognitive abilties.

Our specialized equipment, along with the clinical expertise of our physiatrist, rehab nurses, and therapists assist each patient with recovery and returning functional movement, speaking and swallowing.

Once admitted to the Blessing Inpatient Rehabilitation Program, you will be evaluated by a team of therapists and examined by specially trained rehab nurses. During your stay, be assured we measure your progress using an inter-disciplinary approach where the physicians, nurses and therapists are in constant communication to develop and deliver the best possible care. All will be working together to assist you with gaining independence with self-care, activities of daily living, mobility and communication. Throughout rehab, you will have the ability to access Blessing’s room service for nutrition needs, provided around your therapy times.

Prior to your discharge, you and your caregiver will have the opportunity to personally work with the therapists, nurses and discharge planner to assist your caregiver in ways to best meet your healing needs. For example, the nurse will discuss medications and answer questions you might have. The therapists will show your caregiver specially the best way to work with you once you leave the inpatient rehab unit. The discharge planner will work with you to coordinate services you will need after discharge.

Diagnostic Averages (October 2022 - September 2023)

Stroke Program

  Blessing National
Average Age 71 69
Avg. Length of Stay 19 16
Male 43% 53%
Female 57% 47%
Functional Change    
     Self Care 9% 10%
     Mobility 11% 11%
     Walking 8% 12%
     Wheelchair 4% 3%
Discharge Location    
     Home 69% 72%
     Long Term Care 23% 16%
     Acute Care 9% 11%

Total Number of Patients with Stroke: 70
Average Number of Treatment Hours Each Day: 2.2
97% of our patients gave Inpatient Rehabilitation a Favorable Rating for all diagnosis