If you need surgery, you want a skilled team using the latest surgical and imaging technologies. At Blessing, our robotics-aided surgical system makes surgery more precise, safer and less painful for you and shortens your recovery time.

Experience the Blessing Difference: The da Vinci Robotics Surgical System®

Our da Vinci® surgical system, a robotics-aided system of surgical tools, provides a new level of precision and maneuverability for our surgeons. With this system, we can avoid damage to your nerves and blood vessels and improve your recovery outlook.

Our advanced technologies bring real benefits to our patients, including:

  • Prostate functionality: Many men fear that prostate surgery may lead to incontinence (loss of bladder control) or impotence (inability to achieve an erection). Traditional open prostate surgery can damage nerves or blood vessels, leading to these problems. The increased precision of the da Vinci® surgical system means you are more likely to make a full recovery following robotics-aided prostate surgery.

  • Recovery from colorectal surgery: If we have to remove a section of your intestine because of cancer or other conditions, the da Vinci® surgical system makes it possible to reconnect the remaining intestinal sections using minimally invasive techniques. This means your chances of a quick recovery are much better. Learn more about general surgery.

  • Gynecologic procedures made easier: Traditional open surgical techniques historically meant more pain and longer recovery times for hysterectomies (removal of the uterus) and removal of ovarian cysts or tumors. The da Vinci® surgical system allows us to perform these procedures through small incisions near or through your belly button. This technique means shorter recovery times and less pain for you. Read about gynecological surgery.

  • Recruitment of top surgeons and staff: Our commitment to the latest technologies helps attract top surgeons to the region and surgical staff who want to work for Blessing. We understand that the latest technologies in the hands of skilled providers mean better care for our community.

What You Need to Know About Robotics-Aided Surgery

The advantages of our robotic surgical system include:

  • Minimally invasive surgery: Our robotics system controls a laparoscope, a thin tube with a camera attached, and robotic surgical instruments. We perform the surgical procedures through tiny incisions. You usually have less scarring, less pain and a quicker recovery time than with open surgery.

  • 3-D imaging: The da Vinci® surgical system offers advanced imaging capabilities. We can guide and operate the surgical tools while viewing the entire procedure in high-resolution 3-D images. We can remove blockages or cancerous tissue and repair tears or other damage with exceptional precision, thanks to these clearer images.

  • Additional flexibility and maneuverability: The robotic arms provide greater maneuverability and flexibility than a human hand. Our surgeons use these capabilities to reach places and remove tissues that traditional minimally invasive techniques cannot. We can perform more complex surgeries with greater precision using the robotics system. Learn more about the surgeries we perform.

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