Colorectal cancer (cancer of the large intestine or rectum) is a cancer found in both men and women. With early screening and advanced treatments, colorectal cancer is preventable and treatable. At Blessing, you’ll find a cancer team who specializes in diagnosing and treating colon and rectal cancers.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Colon and Rectal Cancers:

If you or a loved one has received a colorectal cancer diagnosis, we can help. At Blessing, you have access to:

  • Robotic-assisted surgery: Our da Vinci robotics system, the only system of its kind in our region, gives you a tremendous advantage when it comes to surgical options. Because our surgeons can work more precisely with the image-guided surgical tools, we can remove more of the tumor and cancerous cells while saving nerves and blood vessels. This approach makes your treatment more successful and your recovery time shorter.

  • Holistic support network: We offer support for the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Our supportive services include:

    • Counselors to help you and your family cope with anxiety, stress or other emotional or psychological pressures that a cancer diagnosis may cause

    • Oncology dietitians to help you eat well and stay strong during your treatment

    • Nurse navigators to help you organize your appointments and provide support in whatever way we can

  • Lifesaving colonoscopy screening: The earlier we can detect and diagnose colorectal cancer, the better the outcome. A colonoscopy examines the rectum and intestines using a tiny camera mounted on a thin tube. This screening test can catch many polyps before they can become cancerous. We recommend that all adults over age 45 be screened for colorectal cancers every 10 years. We offer outpatient colonoscopies at the Blessing Surgery Center.

Blessing provides a comprehensive cancer center with our region’s top colorectal cancer specialists. Read more about our dedicated cancer center.

Colorectal Cancer Treatment at Blessing

We have a skilled team of doctors and their staff, dedicated to providing you the best care possible. With sophisticated robotic surgical equipment, advanced imaging technologies, pinpoint-accurate radiation and powerful chemotherapy drugs, Blessing Cancer Center offers:

Expert team of oncology specialists

If you have symptoms of colon or rectal cancer, our colorectal surgeon and cancer team goes to work to establish a diagnosis. We work closely with you to develop a treatment plan to address your unique case. Your team typically includes:

  • Colorectal surgeon: A surgeon with advanced training in surgery to treat conditions of the lower digestive tract, including the small and large intestines, rectum and anus

  • Medical oncologist: A doctor who specializes in treating cancer with drugs

  • Radiation oncologist: A doctor who treats cancers with radiation therapy

  • Pathologist: A doctor who diagnoses conditions by examining diseased tissues

  • Radiologist: A doctor who uses imaging technologies, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, computed tomography (CT) scans and X-rays, to diagnose conditions and recommend treatments

  • Nurse practitioner and clinical nurse specialist: Nurses with advanced medical training

  • Nurse Navigator: A nurse who guides, educates and encourages colorectal cancer patients and their families through the healthcare system, following them from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. The Nurse Navigator offers support and serves as an advocate and a consistent contact person for the patient and family

Full range of treatment options

Your individualized treatment plan may involve 1 type of treatment or a combination. We often combine treatments to fight cancer in several ways.

Cancer treatment options at Blessing include:

  • Surgery: Our colorectal surgeon can remove the tumor and nearby cancerous cells or remove affected sections of your intestine and reconnect the healthy sections. With advanced surgical techniques and expert skill, we can preserve healthy nerves and blood vessels. This approach makes for a better outcome, a shorter recovery time and much less pain for you.

  • Medications: Medical oncologists, doctors who treat cancers with powerful drugs, may prescribe chemotherapy by itself or in conjunction with surgery and/or radiation treatment. Many anti-cancer drugs target specific tumors and help prevent cancer from spreading to other parts of your body. For some cancers, we can boost your immune system to fight the cancerous cells. Learn more about medical oncology and immunotherapy.

  • Radiation therapy: Our radiation department uses sophisticated radiation equipment and imaging technologies, including Varian TrueBeam™, to target tumors with high precision. Certain radiation treatments can replace surgery, while others target cancer cells that surgery cannot remove. Yet other radiation therapies can shrink tumors in preparation for surgery or chemotherapy. Read more about our radiation oncology.

  • Access to clinical trials: You may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial at Blessing Cancer Center, in partnership with other medical facilities. Clinical trials are studies that research new treatments and techniques for safe, effective cancer treatment.


For more information about our cancer center services or to make an appointment with one of our doctors, call (217) 214-3448