Blessing Cancer Support Services and Additional Resources

During your treatment at Blessing, you have access to nutrition experts, social workers, support groups and volunteer beauticians. We’re committed to supporting you in any way we can.

  • Counseling: Our licensed clinical social workers provide individual or family counseling for you and your family members. We assess your psychological needs and provide referrals for additional services, as needed.

  • Oncology (cancer) dietitian: Certain cancer treatments and therapies can affect your appetite or eating habits. Our registered dietitian has specialized training in cancer care and works with you to develop a nutrition plan with healthy food choices. Staying strong and eating properly is an important part of your treatment plan.

  • Facebook cancer support group: Cancer Journeys: Quincy IL Support Group, on Facebook, is a closed group open only to people undergoing cancer treatment at Blessing. The group provides a private space for people to talk with others about their experiences and concerns. To participate in this group, ask your care team for the password and web address.

  • ASTRO online resources: The American Society of Therapeutic Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) provides excellent educational resources for cancer patients. There are several videos available to walk you through what to expect during your specific type of cancer treatment, and an overall perspective of the role radiation plays in your fight against cancer. 

    Please take a few minutes, log on to the website below, and view any videos you feel applicable for your education on Radiation Oncology. We know the journey can be overwhelming, please view the videos when suitable for you and your caregivers. Any staff member would be happy to answer your questions, as we provide you with excellent care here at the Blessing Cancer Center. 

    Please visit 

    Under the Patient Education tab, select Videos. Several videos will load on the next page. The first is a 17-minute general video, giving an overall summary of radiation therapy treatment, followed by the site-specific, detailed breakdown videos of common treatment areas. These videos can be viewed in full-screen mode by clicking on the expand (arrows toward all four corners) icon. If you have trouble hearing the videos, click on the ‘CC’ icon for captioning. 

    We want you to have access to all information available to you in this journey. It is our responsibility to make sure that the resources you are accessing are reputable, and give you an unbiased and clear assessment of expectations during your treatment. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to provide the care you deserve throughout your cancer journey.  

  • Additional local resources: Here is a list of local support groups.

Blessing Appearance Center: Look Your Best

We understand that maintaining your appearance during cancer treatment helps you feel better. At our Appearance Center, our staff and volunteers offer strategies and tips for looking your best throughout the treatment journey. Our services include:

  • Wigs, scarves, hats and turbans: Some types of chemotherapy and radiation therapy may cause you to temporarily lose your hair. You can choose from a selection of gently used wigs and head coverings. Our staff and volunteer beauticians help you choose the look that best suits you. Visit our Appearance Center on the lower level of the Cancer Center or contact us at (217) 223-8400, ext. 7709.

  • “Renew”:  This program recruits professional beauticians and/or beauty consultants who volunteer their time to support women with cancer. You can get professional advice on how to look your best with recommendations for skin and nail care, makeup application and style.  For more information or to schedule an individual consultation, contact us at (217) 223-8400, ext. 7709