Experience the Blessing Difference: Radiation Oncology

At Blessing, we provide everything you need in one location to make your radiation therapy as successful as possible. People come to our cancer center for our:

  • Advanced imaging technologies: We use the latest imaging technologies to ensure that we obtain detailed images of cancer tumors. Advanced imaging means that we can quickly establish a diagnosis and begin planning your treatment.

  • Experienced care team: When facing cancer, fear of the unknown is an enemy. Experienced caregivers are the antidote to that fear. Our team has over 200 years of combined experienced and includes:

    • Two, board-certified radiation oncologists

    • One physicist and two dosimetrists

    • Three nurses with specialized training and skills

    • Five radiation therapists and simulation technicians

  • Skilled technical staff: Our staff is specially trained in radiation oncology and the technologies necessary to deliver the best care.

    • Dosimetrists precisely locate the tumor and determine the best pathways for radiation beams to target it without damaging healthy tissue.

    • Physicists calibrate the machines to make sure they deliver the correct amount of radiation to the tumor at each visit.

    • Radiation therapists operate the equipment and make sure you receive the best care.

  • Whole patient care: We make every effort to provide a positive experience for you during your radiation oncology treatment. If you need help with transportation, babysitting, paying electricity bills or other difficulties, we do our best to provide what you need.

  • High national standards: Blessing is accredited by the American College of Radiation Oncology (ACRO). ACRO's accreditation process includes on-site surveys and a peer-reviewed audit ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality are met for our patients. Read more about our ACRO accreditation here. In addition, The American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer has designated us a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program (CCCP). This designation means that we meet or exceed the most rigorous criteria for cancer centers in the country. Read more about our designation by the Commission on Cancer.

What You Need to Know About Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy uses X-rays, gamma rays or other forms of radiation to destroy cancer cells. You may need one or more types of radiation therapy, depending on the type of cancer you have.

We use radiation therapy by itself or in combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy to treat cancer. Our skilled radiation oncologists, doctors who specialize in treating cancers using radiation, will help you decide on the right radiation therapy. At Blessing, we offer:

  • Potential for fewer side effects: Our radiation therapy technologies can target cancer cells with pinpoint accuracy. Using these methods, your doctor can better avoid healthy tissue around the tumor, which may result in fewer side effects for you. The side effects are usually mild, and your doctor can prescribe medications to relieve them.

  • Personalized radiation treatments: Our radiation oncologists determine the best therapy options for you, based on the type and location of the cancer. We discuss your options with you to help you decide what’s right. We offer a range of sophisticated radiation therapies including external beam radiation, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) and brachytherapy.

  • Precision therapy: Our radiation technicians and dosimetrists (technicians who specialize in measuring radiation doses and delivering radiation precisely) work with you to carefully plan your treatment. We measure you and calculate the best pathways and angles to direct the radiation. We may create molds or shields to keep you in the same position for each visit for more effective therapy.

What to Expect

While every patient journey is unique, there are a number of key steps that everyone will experience. Your radiation oncologist prescribes a series of radiation treatments tailored to your individual case. You may need to have treatments every day for 2 or more weeks. We do our best to schedule your appointments at convenient times for you. 

During your series of radiation treatments, you can expect:

  • Convenient, quick sessions: You will usually spend less than 10 minutes on the treatment table, and your total appointment time is usually about 20 minutes.

  • Patient education: On your first visit to our radiation suite, one of our radiation oncologists explains your treatment plan. We give you a tour of the facility to show you the technology we use. We help you become familiar with the setup so that you are comfortable during your treatment appointments.

  • Minimal pain: You usually do not feel pain during or after radiation treatments. In fact, you may be surprised how quickly the treatment is complete, because you don’t feel anything. Some treatments may cause mild nausea or fatigue afterward. We can prescribe anti-nausea medication if you need it.


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