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Blessing is a comprehensive cancer center. We diagnose and treat many types of cancer and provide you with a complete range of treatments and support.

We are proud that the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer has awarded us the designation of Comprehensive Community Cancer Program. This recognition means that we meet or exceed the highest, most rigorous criteria for cancer centers in the country. We work every day to bring our community the highest level of care.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Cancer Center

Our experienced oncology (cancer care) specialists use specialized equipment and technology to treat most types of cancer. Learn more about our cancer treatments and services at our modern, convenient and fully equipped cancer center:

  • Care that focuses on you: Cancers, even those in similar organs or tissue types, do not all behave the same. For example, we know that a particular drug can successfully treat lung cancers with a certain mutation. However, the same drug may not affect other lung cancers without this mutation. That’s why we tailor our cancer treatments specifically to each person. Your cancer team may use images and biopsies (samples of tumor tissue) to help determine the best treatment options for you.

  • Surgery: Our skilled surgeons have the advanced surgical equipment and imaging technologies to detect and remove cancer cells with minimal damage to healthy tissue. We can perform many surgical procedures using minimally invasive techniques, with tiny incisions. You will feel less pain and recover more quickly after surgery. Read more about our surgical services.

  • Radiation: We offer several advanced technologies to provide the right radiation treatment for your unique case. Our expert radiation oncology team can treat tumors deep within the body with pinpoint accuracy. State-of-the art equipment provides an alternative to surgery, with focused, high-dose radiation for precise targeting of tumors while avoiding nearby healthy tissue. Learn more about radiation oncology at Blessing.

  • Medication: Medical oncologists are doctors who treat cancer with powerful drugs. Your doctor may prescribe chemotherapy to shrink a tumor and prevent the cancer from spreading. Or your doctor may use medications known as immunotherapy to boost your immune system to fight the tumor. Read more about our medical oncology treatments.

  • Access to clinical trials: You may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial at Blessing Cancer Center, in partnership with other healthcare systems. Clinical trials are research studies that test new or innovative treatments that aren’t widely available yet.

Common Cancers We Treat at Blessing

We categorize cancers by their location in the body. Some common cancers we treat include but are not limited to the below:


For more information about our cancer center services call (217) 223-1200.