We raise money throughout the year by selling merchandise with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the financial assistance fund. Through the Blessing Foundation, the Breast Center Financial Assistance Fund is also privileged to benefit from the generosity of individuals and event organizers throughout the community. This fund pays for women to have screening, diagnostic mammograms and other diagnostic testing, as well as breast biopsies. It also helps us provide educational opportunities for the community and staff.

Who Qualifies for the Financial Assistance Program?

You are eligible for financial assistance at the Breast Center if you meet one of these two requirements:

  • You do not have medical coverage.

  • You have medical coverage, but your health insurance deductible is $250 or more per person AND you meet certain income guidelines.

Income Guidelines for Financial Assistance

To be eligible for our financial assistance program, your household adjusted gross income (combined income from you and/or a spouse) must fall within these guidelines.

Household size

Weekly income

less than

Monthly income

less than

Annual income

less than

































For each additional member, add:




Contact Us

To find out more about financial assistance, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 4283

Refer a Patient

If you are a doctor who wants to refer a patient to the Breast Center, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 4300.