We provide each woman with information about their breast tissue density. This information helps inform you if you may be at an increased risk for breast cancer. Use this information to talk with your provider about your personal risks and individualized screening plan.

What to Know About Breast Tissue Density

  • Your breasts have different types of tissue, including fatty tissue and fibrous or glandular tissue. If you have dense breasts, it means you have less fatty tissue and more fibrous or glandular tissue.

  • The 4 levels of breast density include:

    • Almost entirely fatty: You have mostly fatty tissue.

    • Scattered areas of density: You have a mixture of fatty tissue and fibrous or glandular tissue.

    • Consistent density: You have a fair amount of fibrous or glandular tissue evenly distributed.

    • Extremely dense: You have mostly fibrous or glandular tissue.

  • Dense breast tissue and lumps both appear white on a mammogram. It can be harder for a radiologist to pinpoint cancer on a mammogram when a woman has dense breasts. 3-D mammography, breast MRI and ultrasound can provide more detailed images for women with dense breasts.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Breast Tissue Density Reporting

Knowing your breast tissue density can help you manage your breast cancer risk. We offer you:

  • Latest diagnostic technology: From mammography to breast MRIs and ultrasounds, we can help you keep an eye on dense breast tissue. We recommend that any women with dense breast tissue opt for 3-D mammography, which helps radiologists better distinguish between normal breast tissue and potentially cancerous lumps.

  • Individual risk assessments: We perform risk assessments on every woman who comes to the Breast Center. We identify women who have an above-average risk for breast cancer and work with you and your doctor to lower your risk and be proactive with screenings. Learn more about how we screen for and treat breast cancer.

  • More biopsy options: We are the only place in the community to offer 3-D-guided biopsy, and we offer it right here within the Center. 3-D-guided biopsy technology allows us to catch much smaller cancers than before. That means you get an accurate diagnosis sooner and can start treatment sooner.

  • Financial assistance: We believe every woman should have access to breast health screenings and necessary treatments. This is why we offer financial assistance to cover the cost of mammograms, biopsies and other procedures. Learn about our options for financial assistance.

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