It is still very important to have any breast changes that you or your doctor notice checked out immediately. At the Breast Center, we have the latest technology to examine all types of breast tumors and determine if you need treatment.

What to Know About Noncancerous Breast Tumors

  • Fibrocystic changes are one of the most common types of benign breast conditions, especially in women of childbearing age. These changes cause your breast tissue to feel firm and rubbery.

  • Fibrous tissue can form into fluid-filled cysts, round lumps that move easily and are tender. These cysts may become more painful right before your period. Most women do not need treatment for these cysts. If they become large or very painful, we can perform a simple procedure to drain the fluid.

  • Women who have recently stopped breastfeeding may have pockets of milk that build up. These pockets can become infected, so we want to treat them right away.

  • Benign lumps that are firm (not fluid-filled) are usually called fibromas. Some women may need treatment, and others may not. It is important to have any lump evaluated.

Experience the Blessing Difference: Diagnosing and Treating Benign Breast Tumors

It can be alarming to find any kind of lump or irregularity in your breast. When you come to the Breast Center, rest assured that we have:

  • Best screening capabilities: 3-D mammography gives us a better look at breast tissue than ever before. Our radiologists will read your mammogram by the following day, so you will know very quickly if you need a follow-up test.

  • Latest diagnostic tests: We have the latest technology for examining suspicious breast tissue, including breast MRI and ultrasound. If you need a breast biopsy, we can perform them right here at the Breast Center. We offer 3-D-guided biopsy (which lets us see very small lumps) and a range of other minimally invasive biopsy options.

  • Full range of breast care: Most noncancerous breast changes do not need treatment. If you do need treatment, such as having a cyst drained, we can perform it here. The Breast Center staff is caring and knowledgeable and will guide you through any procedure.

  • Focus on breast health: Many women are uncertain how to do breast self-exams or how to recognize changes. This is why we offer classes to educate women on breast health. Learn about our breast health classes.

  • Financial assistance: High insurance deductibles or lack of coverage prevent some women from seeking screenings and treatment. This is why we offer a financial assistance program to cover mammograms, biopsies and other diagnostic procedures. Learn more about financial assistance at the Breast Center.

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