At the Blessing Breast Center, our highly trained and multi-skilled team is dedicated to your breast health. We understand coming here can be intimidating. We focus on providing a comfortable atmosphere where you can be confident with your care.

A Comprehensive Breast Health Team

Every woman we meet comes to us with a unique perspective. Our goal is to put you at ease and provide peace of mind that you are in the very best of hands regardless of the reason for your visit.

Our care team includes:

  • Technologists: Our team of all female, board-certified technologists provide both comfort and excellent care. We have over 144 collective years of experience performing mammograms, running diagnostics, and assisting with biopsy procedures.

  • Radiologists: The board-certified doctors at the Breast Center specialize in breast imaging (mammography, ultrasound, MRI) and image-guided biopsies. The radiologists at our center are committed to providing you next-day results on routine mammography and immediate results for any diagnostic mammography or biopsy procedure.

  • Breast Cancer Navigators: Our breast cancer navigators assist anyone who has a diagnosis of breast cancer. They will work one-on-one with you to guide you through the treatment process. They can attend appointments with you, help you figure out health insurance, and answer any other questions you may have.

  • Registration/Scheduling Team: Our office coordination staff makes it quick and easy to make an appointment, work with your insurance, and help you access financial assistance, if needed.

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Contact Us

To schedule a mammogram or other test at the Breast Center, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 4300.

Refer a Patient

If you are a doctor who wants to refer a patient to the Breast Center, please call (217) 223-8400, ext. 4290.