How ABUS Works

  • Ultrasound is a non-invasive, effective way to look inside the body at organs and soft tissue.
  • ABUS is the only automated ultrasound device approved by the FDA for breast screening.
  • On a mammogram, dense tissue and masses both appear white making it easier for a suspicious lump to hide in screening images.
  • With ABUS, a radiologist can look through hundreds of breast tissue image “slices,” looking at layers of dense tissue to find breast cancers which may not be seen on a mammogram alone.

Is ABUS the right screening exam for you?

Breast density is determined by a ratio of non-dense tissue to dense tissue on a mammogram. There are four levels of breast density. At the Blessing Breast Center, we provide each woman with information about their breast density. If you have dense breast tissue, like 40% of women in the U.S., the addition of ABUS screening can increase the detection of cancers (as cited in Brem et al, Radiology, March 2015).

What to expect

For an ABUS screening, you will lie down on an exam table instead of standing at the machine as you do with a mammogram. Before each patient, a new disposable scan screen is placed on the machine. These screens are flexible, polyester, mesh fabric that will comfortably stabilize breast tissue for optimal image quality. Next a layer of ultrasound lotion is applied to your breast and the scanner is firmly positioned on your breast by our experienced team member to acquire the images. The exam takes approximately 15 minutes. The radiologist will review the ABUS screening images along with your mammogram.

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*FDA PMA P110006