What to Know About 3-D Mammography

  • 3-D mammography makes it easier for a radiologist to spot irregularities. This technology helps us find smaller breast cancers, which means treatment can begin at an earlier stage.

  • Getting a 3-D mammogram is very similar to getting a conventional (2-D) mammogram. The only difference is that 3-D mammography takes slightly longer because it takes more images.

  • Check with your health insurance company to see if your plan covers 3-D mammography. Although the governor of Illinois signed a new law requiring health insurance companies to cover 3-D mammography for all residents of Illinois, there are some exemptions.

  • Women with dense breast tissue can benefit from 3-D mammography. The technology allows the radiologist to see the breast tissue in layers, which makes it easier to tell the difference between dense breast tissue and cancerous cells.

Experience the Blessing Difference: 3-D Mammography

When you come to Blessing Breast Center for mammography, you are choosing a regional leader in breast health. We offer:

  • Mammography expertise: We were the first in the community to offer 3-D mammography. Our staff of radiologists and mammography technologists is committed to helping women catch breast cancer as early as possible. You can trust the Breast Center for all your breast care needs.

  • Breast tissue density reporting: Having dense breast tissue may increase your breast cancer risk because your mammogram can be more difficult to read accurately. This is why 3-D mammography is helpful. Our radiologists carefully review your images and report breast density to every person who gets a mammogram. Breast tissue density reporting helps us develop a screening regimen individualized for your body.

  • 3-D-guided biopsy: Also known as stereotactic biopsy, 3-D-guided biopsy is a minimally invasive procedure to take tiny samples of breast tissue for further testing. At the Breast Center, we use 3-D mammography to visualize the suspicious area for biopsy. Then the radiologist uses a fine, hollow needle to remove cells for testing.

  • More Comfortable MammogramThe SmartCurve™ breast stabilization system improves patient comfort without compromising image quality. The SmartCurve system features a proprietary curved surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast to reduce pinching and allow better distribution of force over the entire breast. 

  • Financial assistance: For women who qualify, we offer financial assistance to cover the cost of mammograms, biopsies and other procedures. Learn about our options for financial assistance.

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