Patients with microtia are born with an unformed or unusually shaped ear. This condition can be part of a syndrome such as hemifacial microsomiaTreacherCollins syndrome or it can be an isolated finding. Most frequently, it occurs on the right side but may affect both sides. The condition is more common in boys.

Microtia occurs on the spectrum from a mild deformity to the complete absence of the ear shape.

Children with microtia also may be born without an ear canal or have an extremely narrow ear canal. Children with significant microtia often have hearing issues due to abnormalities in the ear canal and/or middle ear.

Dr. Muzaffar works closely with otolaryngologists (ENT specialists) to determine if surgery is needed to improve hearing or to decide the appropriate timing of surgery to the ear canal or middle ear. 

The Procedure

Dr. Muzaffar typically performs ear reconstruction in stages starting when children are around 6 years old to allow enough growth for the best reconstructive results. The treatment plan may involve two to four separate procedures spaced about three months apart. 

At Blessing, ear reconstruction for microtia is done in an outpatient surgery setting so your child can typically go home the same day without the inconvenience of travel.

The recovery process will vary based on the type of surgery your child requires. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions about your child's care after surgery.

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