Fellowship trained in hand and microsurgery, Arshad Muzaffar, MD, brings expertise in a comprehensive range of hand and upper extremity conditions for adults and children.

A board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon with additional certification in hand surgery, Dr. Muzaffar received his hand surgery training through a fellowship at the University of Texas Southwestern and Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children, a specialty orthopedic hospital that has one of the busiest congenital hand clinics in the country.

Because of his in-depth hand training, Dr. Muzaffar is experienced in treating complex problems and in using various types of techniques in both children and adults. Plastic surgeons are experts in soft tissue surgery, which includes delicate nerves, tendons, blood vessels. Dr. Muzaffar has trained with plastic surgeons and orthopedic surgeons, so he brings his extensive knowledge in each discipline to all aspects of hand surgery.

Dr. Muzaffar treats the whole spectrum of hand and upper extremity acquired issues, congenital conditions and complex trauma-related injuries in adults and children. In adults, this includes fractures, tendon lacerations, complex trauma, tumors of soft tissue and bone, carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis, and peripheral nerve compression.

When appropriate, Dr. Muzaffar partners with other specialists to ensure the most comprehensive care.

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