This rare congenital condition results in a small lower jaw that positions the tongue further back in the mouth. The tongue blocks the airway and causes breathing and feeding difficulties for your baby. Some babies with Pierre Robin sequence (PRS) also have cleft palate, or an abnormal opening in the mouth.

The severity of this condition can vary from mild to severe. In some mild cases, no surgery is required. Your child's jaw may grow to normal size on its own by age 18 months. In addition, sometimes the palate opening closes on its own as your baby grows. However, if PRS is causing significant breathing or feeding problems, surgery will help to correct the deformities causing these issues.

The Procedure

Dr. Muzaffar is skilled at treating a wide variety of craniofacial conditions including PRS and cleft palate. Dr. Muzaffar works with other specialists as needed to provide expert, tailored care for your child.

Some surgical treatments can be performed within your baby's first week of life. This may include:

  • Tongue-lip adhesion, to attach the tongue to the lower lip to pull the tongue forward and relieve airway obstruction.

  • Distraction osteogenesis, an advanced technique to gradually move the jaw forward over several days using a device surgically attached to the jaw. This also moves the tongue forward to unblock the airway.

If needed, cleft palate surgery is typically performed when your baby is between 12 to 18 months old.

The recovery process will vary based on the type of surgery your child requires. Your doctor will provide you with specific instructions about your child's care after surgery.

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